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February 26 – March 21

Fraga says he continually strives to represent the “complex and subtle realities” of daily life in Cuba and in the U.S. Fraga’s work focuses on social themes, such as the “Special Period” in Cuba, the struggles of workers to survive on their pensions, loss and separation in families whose members have emigrated to other countries, and tensions around public services.  He uses a collage mixed with oil, acrylic, charcoal and other media in his works.

Monday, February 26 – Thursday, March 21
All Day

Sunday, March 3, 2024; 2-4 pm

East Central College:  Room HS-100

Free Admission.  Light Refreshments Provided.

German culture specialist Dr. Sydney Norton will speak about abolitionist German immigrants, including politicians Friedrich Muench, Arnold Krekel, Henry and Augustus Boernstein, who mobilized the German community to support Abraham Lincoln and fight for democracy at the time of the Civil War, and after Emancipation to institute laws of social equality for all.

Sociologist and playwright Cecilia Nadal will discuss German abolitionists and their complex, evolving historical relationships with African Americans in the same period.  She adds personal insights she gained after discussions with Missourians of both ethnic groups.  Nadal also discusses how this history shaped the direction of her play, An Amazing Story: German Abolitionist of Missouri.

Presented by the St. Clair Historical Museum & East Central College.

Sunday, March 3
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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