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February 26 – March 21

Fraga says he continually strives to represent the “complex and subtle realities” of daily life in Cuba and in the U.S. Fraga’s work focuses on social themes, such as the “Special Period” in Cuba, the struggles of workers to survive on their pensions, loss and separation in families whose members have emigrated to other countries, and tensions around public services.  He uses a collage mixed with oil, acrylic, charcoal and other media in his works.

Monday, February 26 – Thursday, March 21
All Day

March 8 • 7:30 p.m. • Theatre

The Arianna String Quartet (ASQ) joins forces with shakuhachi grand master James Nyoraku Schlefer and Japanese master koto; shamisen and vocal virtuosos Sumie Kaneko; and Yuko Reikano Kumura, as the Kyo-Shin-An ensemble makes their first appearance at East Central College, promising a memorable evening of music-making with the ASQ. This unique concert fuses the ancient traditions of Japanese instrumentation with Western classical music’s string quartet, producing an experience that forges new  frontiers in music, and provides audiences with a once in a lifetime concert experience.

Friday, March 8
7:30 pm

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