Fire Technology

The program offers both a degree and a certificate option. The certificate program provides students with the courses to meet entry-level skills necessary for employment as a firefighter to be completed in 18 months. Firefighters seeking promotion or career opportunities tend to utilize the Associate of Applied Science degree option. The College recognizes and articulates coursework acquired through approved training agencies and articulates specific certificates offered in training through the University of Missouri – Columbia.

The rapid growth of Franklin County and adjoining counties has resulted in increasing demands to provide necessary community service courses. The Fire Technology program meets the needs of both volunteer firefighters and professional firefighters. The courses are designed to develop the fire protection specialist’s qualifications in supervision and fire control techniques.

The program addresses the following topics:

  • Basic fire protection
  • Alarm systems
  • General building construction
  • Hazardous materials
  • Inspection
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire investigation
  • Firefighting tactics/strategies
  • Apparatus driver/operator and rescue

Missouri Division of Fire Safety

It is the responsibility of students to apply to the Missouri Division of Fire Safety (MDFS) for appropriate certifications and general requirements. For more information visit

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Career Opportunities:

Firefighter is a term that may represent a variety of occupations such as entry-level firefighters, municipal firefighters, forest firefighters, fire engineers and fire inspectors or investigators. These professionals control and extinguish fires, as well as protect people against injury, loss of life and destruction of property.

Firefighters are frequently the first emergency personnel at the scene of a traffic accident or medial emergency. Sometimes they are called upon to treat injuries or perform other vital functions.

Employment Opportunities and Salary Ranges:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the firefighter profession is experiencing slower-than-average job growth. By 2022, the number of positions is expected to increase by seven percent.

In May 2013, the median annual earning of firefighters in Missouri is $45,600. The lowest earners were $31,110 and the highest were $80,430.

Firefighters: $45,600

Fire Inspectors and Investigators: $48,080

Forest and Conservation Technicians: $39,770

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Program Faculty:
Mark Skornia

Julie Beck, Program Assistant
Office: HS105