AEL Job Training Options

The adult education program has partnered with East Central College’s Center for Workforce Development. The partnership allows students to attend classes in the English Language program or the College and Career Readiness program as well as complete career training coursework. Students in the College and Career Readiness Program will also have an opportunity to complete their high school education by taking the ETS High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) if they do not have a high school diploma. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.

Short-term training programs available to students enrolled in the adult education program (50-hour class minimum):

  • Digital Literacy Essentials
  • Microsoft Office Essentials: Excel, Word and Outlook

Ready for IndustryTM (RFI) Career Exploration:

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing

For each of the 5 highest-demand industries, RFI provides self-paced, online instruction on:

  • Introduction to the Industry
  • Career Opportunities and Descriptions
  • What it is like to Work in the Industry
  • Current Issues and Trends in the Industry
  • Industry Terminology and Common Practices
  • Career Pathways, Education and Certifications in the Industry
  • Workplace Expectations in the Industry

RFI prepares individuals for the workplace but is NOT a replacement for technical training.

Career Training Options

Training options for a new career in just 13-16 weeks while you are also enrolled in the AEL program. Students must continue to participate in the AEL program while enrolled in these courses. Course fees are listed. Some students may be eligible for financial assistance.

Certified Nursing Assistant (ECC Union Campus)

The CNA training program prepares individuals for employment in a long-term care facility. The program teaches skills in resident care under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse. 

The state-approved course requires the individual to complete 75 hours of classroom training, 100 hours of on-the-job training and successfully complete a two-part final examination. The two-part final examination includes a written (or oral) and practicum examination. Some of the topics covered include basic nursing skills; fire safety; disaster training; resident safety and rights; social and psychological problems of residents and the methods of caring for the mentally confused residents, such as those with Alzheimer’s disease. 

The fee for this course is $1,300.

General Maintenance Assistant (ECC Rolla North Campus)

A Maintenance Assistants (MA) certificate prepares an individual to the understanding of the skills needed to ensure that facilities are clean and in good operating condition. Individuals who are maintenance assistants are typically under the supervision of an experienced supervisor of maintenance providing assistants oversight to day-to-day tasks. Maintenance assistant training is the first step in a career path to s supervisory position. Additional training may be required.

The responsibilities of a MA may include cleaning buildings and rooms, performing general maintenance and repair of the building, grounds, and equipment. Maintenance assistants work in a variety of facilities to include manufacturing where general tasks may include maintaining machinery and production equipment. Other workplace environments include schools, office buildings, hospitals, and residential buildings. This certificate is intended to introduce foundation skills and allow the student to explore career pathways into advanced positions such as Maintenance Supervisor.

The fee for this course is $1,700.

To confirm your funding eligibility for the Fast Track programs, contact the area job center in your community.

Washington Job Center

Rolla Job Center

Job Centers for Warren, Lincoln, and Montgomery Counties

Gain in-demand job skills

In partnership with Grow with Google, the following career certificates  are provided through flexible online training programs designed to put you on the fast track to jobs in high-growth fields. No experience necessary. Certificates can be completed in 3-6 months. By enrolling in the East Central College Adult Education Program, scholarships are provided for the following:

Project Management: Discover how to manage projects efficiently and effectively, using traditional and agile methods.

  • Foundations of Project Management
  • Project Initiation: Starting a Successful Project
  • Project Planning: Putting It All Together
  • Project Execution: Running the Project
  • Agile Project Management
  • Capstone: Applying Project Management in the Real World

Cybersecurity: Use industry standard tools like Python, Linux, SQL, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).

  • Foundations of Cybersecurity
  • Play It Safe: Manage Security Risks
  • Connect and Protect: Networks and Network Security
  • Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL
  • Assets, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
  • Sound the Alarm: Detection and Response
  • Automate Cybersecurity Tasks with Python
  • Put It to Work: Prepare for Cybersecurity Jobs

Data Analytics: Learn about R programming, SQL, Python, Tableau and more.

  • Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere
  • Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • Prepare Data For Exploration
  • Process Data from Dirty to Clean
  • Analyze Data to Answer Questions
  • Share Data Through the Art of Visualization
  • Data Analysis with R Programming
  • Data Analytics Capstone Project: Complete a Case Study

Digital Marketing & E-commerce: Learn to manage digital marketing campaigns, attract and engage customers, and sell products online.

  • Foundations of digital marketing and e-commerce
  • Attract and engage customers through digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing analytics and measurement
  • Build, launch, and manage e-commerce stores
  • Develop and maintain customer loyalty online

IT Support: All the skills you need to find an entry-level job in the field of IT support, even if you don’t have prior experience.

  • Technical Support Fundamentals
  • The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking
  • Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
  • System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services
  • IT Security: Defense Against the Digital Dark Arts

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About Grow with Google:

Grow with Google helps ensure that the opportunities created by technology are available to everyone.  Since launching in 2017, Grow with Google has trained more than eight million Americans on digital skills. And through a network of more than 8,700 partner organizations–including local libraries, schools, and nonprofits–more people across the country can reach their full potential.