Adjuncts Recognized at Inaugural Appreciation Dinner

April 16, 2024 | Campus News

Adjunct Mathematics Adjunct Connie Lutz was recognized for her exceptional contributions to East Central College with the inaugural Adjunct of the Year award.

The award was presented at the first Adjunct Appreciation Dinner on April 9. Lutz was honored alongside other adjuncts honored with special recognitions and for years of service. Lutz’ award was presented by Dr. Robyn Walter, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

“Tonight, we honor an exceptional educator, one whose dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to the field of mathematics education has positively impacted our college and the countless lives of students she has touched,” Walter said.

She added that Lutz, “Embodies the epitome of meeting students where they are – offering genuine care and support of her students, engaging in the classroom, and literally transforming the way students learn math.”

Lutz, who also was recognized for 35 years of service as an adjunct faculty member, recently developed a vibrant math course for the Fine and Performing Arts to meet a broader set of students – again meeting them where they are. In 2018, Lutz was awarded the Outstanding Adjunct Faculty from the Missouri Community College Association.

More Outstanding Adjuncts

There were eight other adjuncts who received Outstanding Adjunct Awards in each department: Meg Vogel, Education; Shawna Flanigan, English & Humanities; Jeffrey Jaquess, Science and Engineering; Ted Coburn, Criminal Justice; Gary Powers, Art & Design; Michael Askins, Computer Information Systems; Elisha Chaney, Nursing; and Ben Martin, dual credit science instructor at St. Clair High School.

Below are comments about each departmental Outstanding Adjunct Award recipients. They were presented awards by the dean or director of their division.

Meg Vogel: “(She) is always student-focused and has always been willing to attempt teaching modalities beyond what she is accustomed to. Mrs. Vogel defines her class with real-world examples and inclusivity. She strives to make sure students connect the content in her classes to their future classrooms.”

Shawna Flanigan: “(She) brings students comfort because of her focus on building connections and her positive, humble, and curious attitude. Shawna’s detailed explanations for why content, assignments, and activities are covered, along with her willingness to encourage or check in outside of class, helps students to stay motivated, as her evaluations reflect.”


Jeffrey Jaquess: “He is one of our most reliable faculty members, who goes above and beyond to serve our students well. Jeff is known to teach labs with his materials when he deems them more appropriate for instruction. He consistently provides his students with valuable supplemental education by planning and executing field trips for them every year.”

Ted Coburn: “(He) has a passion for teaching students here at ECC. He is consistently student-focused and strives to help students learn and understand course material. He works to build relationships with his students. He is often asked for recommendations from current and former students. Even after students graduate, they often stay in touch with Mr. Coburn.”

Gary Powers: “(He) has helped jury several end-of-year student art exhibitions, participated in every Faculty Art show, and even gave of his time for our High School Art Day event. Even as a two-day-a-week adjunct, he never misses an opportunity to study, critique, and compliment the student works in the hall and the instructors whose class it is.”

Michael Askins: “His incorporation of real-world insights, case studies, and personal guidance enriches the learning experience… He will even call his students offering support when the normal channels of retention seem ineffective.”

Elisha Chaney: “She holds the students to high standards as a full-time faculty member does but is also willing to sit down and spend time with the student if they don’t understand paperwork or how to handle patient stations… Elisha goes above and beyond for students. She is an amazing clinical and classroom educator. She challenges the students while also supporting them as they grow.”

Ben Martin: “He gets to know his students on a personal level, and he actually seeks out books based on that information to give to them to encourage them to read more. Ben’s students are highly engaged in the classroom, especially in the area of eye-rolling after one of his famous daily dad jokes.”

Years of Service Recognitions:

Listed below are adjuncts who reached milestones and were recognized for years of service:

5 Years: Kelly Adkins, Melissa Albright, Janet Berry, Taylor Bodenschatz, Tim Bruckerhoff, Steven Campbell, Elisha Chaney, Sarah Dierker, Brooke Durbin, Madison Emerick, Karen Fixsal, Shawna Flanigan, Patrick Fogarty, Jeffrey Frankenberg, Dan Jacobson, Christopher Karr, Daniel Kemper, Amber Moore, Mark Palmier, Michael Pelster, Heather Sluis, Marietta Stiebler, Daniel Strohmeyer, Margaret Vogel, and Timothy Willard.

10 Years: Tiffanie Atherton, Molly Bene, Melissa Mauchenheimer, Raymond Mowery, Margret Noud, Danika Novak, Robert Schulze, and Kenneth Williardson.

15 Years: Curtis Beers, Lisa Blackmore, Shana Collier, Gary Powers, Robert Robinson, and Matthew Sokeland.

20 Years: Tim Buchheit.

25 Years: Robert Prichard.

35 Years: Connie Lutz.