AEL Student Hopes to Soar with New Credential

AEL Student Hopes to Soar with New Credential

October 19, 2020 |

East Central College Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) student Shirley Luecke just earned an Aerospace Quality Technician credential that she hopes will take her career to new heights.

Luecke is an AEL English Language Acquisition (English as a Second Language) student who attends classes at the ECC campus in Union.

In June, Luecke received her certification after passing the final exam for the 180 Skills Aerospace Quality Technician Course. The comprehensive course was extensive and consisted of 183 modules that she completed in about four to five months.

The 180 Skills deliver skills training for the manufacturing sector. The only thing she needs now is an opportunity to apply her knowledge with hands-on experience.

The course prepared Luecke for a career at an aerospace manufacturer, which she hopes will land her a better job.

“When I see something I would like to do, then I will apply,” she said. “I hope they (employers) will like me and try me. I work very hard and I will do my best.”

Remembering English

Luecke, of the Spring Bluff area, is originally from the Philippines and she has been living in this area for eight years.

She graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines in 1989 with a degree in Business Management. While in college she took English courses, however, she needed refresher classes which led her to the AEL program at ECC.

She has been taking English Language Acquisition classes for about two years.

“I came here to check my English pronunciation and grammar,” Luecke said.

“At first, it felt like grade one,” she added. “I was very shy and I would not talk. I overcame that.”

Luecke is continuing to take English classes and regaining English language skills she learned in college, including spelling words in English.

“Little by little, I remember,” she said. “I am working hard and learning more every day.”

ECC’s AEL program offers several programs to help adult learners with workforce training skills, English Language Acquisition, Communication and Customer Service Certificate Programs and much more.

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