Behavioral Intervention Team Approved by Board of Trustees

Behavioral Intervention Team Approved by Board of Trustees

March 6, 2019 |

The Board of Trustees approved the recognition of the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) as an official College team at the March 4 meeting.

“This team will review behavioral incidents and concerns at the college,” said Heath Martin, Vice President of Student Development. He will chair the BIT. “We want to ensure a systematic response to students whose behavior may be disruptive or harmful to themselves or to campus.”

In addition to Martin, core members will include the director of advising and counseling services, a licensed clinical counselor or social worker, campus police, two faculty members and a representative from the Rolla campus.

“We want our students, faculty and staff to know we are here for consultation when they are concerned about potentially harmful, threatening, or disruptive behavior of a student or students,” said Martin.

The BIT will operate in conjunction with the ECC Cares program, designed to reach out to students who seem to be hurting or struggling. It gives anyone on campus the ability to submit an anonymous and confidential report about a potential situation.

“Once the report is received,” said Martin, “It will be presented to the BIT for an assessment, and they will develop an appropriate response plan based on the nature of the behavior, the severity of the risk and the needs of the student.”

The team will adhere to guidelines of the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association.