College Hosts Successful Academic Challenge — Winner Announced

College Hosts Successful Academic Challenge — Winner Announced

February 20, 2023 | , ,

There were 103 students from five high schools who competed in the annual Academic Challenge for Engineering and Science.

The competition was designed to challenge the best and brightest high school students. All five varsity teams will advance to the sectionals at Missouri S&T in Rolla. In addition to the five varsity teams, there were two junior varsity, or at-large teams, that also participated in the Academic Challenge.

Teams from Linn (Osage County R-II), Washington (varsity and junior varsity), Warrenton (varsity and junior varsity), Houston and St. Francis Borgia Regional high schools attended.

The students participated in a battery of tests in seven subject areas: math, biology, chemistry, physics, English, computational science and engineering graphics.

The tests are taken individually, and prizes are awarded for top individual scores in each subject area and for top team scores.

Alison Tucker, STEM recruitment & success coordinator, who coordinated this year’s event, said the tests are written by college-level faculty, and are designed to present a challenge to the brightest students.

The Challenge is divided into large (1,500), intermediate (700) and small (300) school categories, with the top team and individual winners from the competition at ECC advancing to the sectional competition.


The overall team winners for each school category, are:

300 Category

Linn High School, first place, 500 points.

700 Category

Saint Francis Borgia Regional High School, 484.3 points, first place; and Houston High School, 474.1 points, second place.

1,500 Category

Warrenton High School, 422.6, first place; and Washington High School, 418.4 points, second place.

Individual winners

Student winners from each category and in each subject, are:

300 Category (all from Osage R-II/Linn High School)

Biology — Annaliese Bowser and Vivian Baker, tied for first; Arlyn Martin, second; and Kiana Hostetler, third.

Chemistry — Marrisa Ghelert, first; Arlyn Martin and Lily Strope, tied for second; and Ramsie Tschappler, third.

Computational Science — Levi Crane, first; Gabe Branson, second; and Mia Jaegers, third.

Engineering Graphics — Levi Crane, first; Gabe Branson, second; and Kiana Hostetler, third.

English — Mia Jaegers, first; Annaliese Bowser, second; and Vivian Baker, third.

Mathematics — Trevor Murray, first; Lily Strope, first; and Marrisa Ghelert, Linn, third.

Physics — Elijah Baker, first; Ramsie Tschappler, second; and Trevor Murray, third.

700 Category

Biology — Kristen Ely, Houston, first; Miah Bressie, Houston, and Tyler Dill, Borgia, tied for second; and Ava Fischer, Borgia, third.

Chemistry — Owen Wells, Houston, first; Zach Posinski, Borgia, second; and Lily Johnson, Houston, third.

Computational Science — Brody Adkison, Houston, first; Jackson Comely               , Borgia, and Stone Jackson, Houston, tied for second.

Engineering Graphics — Drew Eckhoff, Borgia, first; Aiden Kelly, Houston, second; and Sam Dunard, Borgia, third.

English — Andy Durham, Houston, first; Jack Dunard, Borgia, second; and Brandon Jones, Borgia, third.

Mathematics — Lexie Meyer, Borgia, and Jack Dunard, Borgia, tied for first; Lily Johnson, Houston, second; and Brandon Jones, Borgia, and Sam Dunard, Borgia, tied for third.

Physics — Andy Durham, Houston, first; Ben Cook, Houston, second; and Addison Cook, Houston, third.

1500 Category

Biology — Leah Wheeler, Washington, first; Emma Wheeler, Washington, second; and Grant Beuchner, Warrenton, third.

Chemistry — Luke Rausch, Warrenton, first; Dominic Johnson, Warrenton, second; and Lilly Schmitt, Washington, third.

Computational Science — Roy Briggs, Warrenton, first; Micheal Hotra, Washington, second; and Isaac Lough, Washington, third.

Engineering Graphics — Tyler Eckelkamp, Washington, first; Nikolas Hellebusch, Washington, second; and Owen Thompson, Warrenton, third.

English — Alice Briggs, Warrenton, first; Roy Briggs, Warrenton, second; and Abby Palmer, Warrenton, third.

Mathematics — Tyler Eckelkamp, Washington, first; Isaac Lough, Washington, second; and Kellen Scheimeier, Washington, and Claire Hellebusch, Washington, tied for third.

Physics — Owen Thompson, Warrenton, first; Katie Shramek, Warrenton, Kellen Scheimeier, Washington, and Nick Holdmeyer, Washington, tied for second; and Nate Kutsch, Warrenton and Grant Beuchner, Warrenton, tied for third.