Community Education Summer Camp Classes a Hit!

Community Education Summer Camp Classes a Hit!

July 6, 2017 |

Art has always been a passion of Madeline Havelka.

“As a viewer, you can interpret art based on your own experiences,” she said. “As the artist, it is so fun to experiment and be the ones to tell the actual story.”

Madeline graduated from East Central College in 2016 with an Associate of Fine Arts degree. After graduation, she decided to continue her education at Lincoln University where she is working to get a bachelor’s degree in art education.

“I started teaching a summer class through ECC’s Community Education Summer Camp Program last year,” she explained. “I completely fell in love with it. It was a part of my decision to become an art teacher.”

This year, Madeline mentored a handful of local, young artists at the Arts & Crafts Summer Camp June 26-29.

“My goal with my art is to express my life and emotions through each piece that I create,” she said. “With my students in the summer camp class, it’s the same concept. I wanted the kids to get to express themselves freely inside the classroom.”

Each year, East Central College Community Education offers a variety of fun, educational classes for students of all ages during the summer – from robotics to art to archery!

Madeline believes these types of courses truly bring something unique to the community.

“It is so much different than being in any other classroom. They have the freedom to grow and try new things!”

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