East Central College NEA Honors Inspiring Local Teachers

East Central College NEA Honors Inspiring Local Teachers

May 7, 2019 |

Educators have a profound effect on students in many capacities. The East Central College chapter of the National Education Association (NEA) is honoring those educators with the 2019 Inspirers of Excellence Award.

“This award is about teachers who are making an impact on a student’s life,” said ECC-NEA President Sue Henderson. “We want to celebrate their positive influence and dedication.”

Students were asked to nominate former teachers in March. This year, more than 35 recipients were selected!

2019 “Inspirers of Excellence” Award Recipients:

  • Debbie Aholt, Washington High School
  • Angie Anderson, Rolla High School
  • Jesse Anderson, Washington High School
  • Jean Baker, Owensville High School
  • Nathan Caldwell, St. Francis Borgia
  • Stephen Culp, Sullivan High School
  • Donald Lukus Dement , St. Clair High School
  • Todd Dempsey, St. Francis Borgia
  • Mandy Franke, Liberty High School – Wentzville
  • Sandy Fuchs, Sullivan High School
  • Katie Galvin, Sullivan High School
  • Amy Hall, Union High School
  • Catherine Hartman, Pacific High School
  • Donna Hinson, Owensville High School
  • Terrie Hunter, Warrenton High School
  • Chelsea Johnson, Dixon High School
  • Diane Kennel-Truelove, Traverse City West
  • Tina Kluesner, Union High School
  • Melissa Krimmel, St. Clair High School
  • Nicole Kuske, Union High School
  • Trish Lewis, Bourbon High School
  • Tammy Lueck    Rolla High School
  • Amber  Moore  Nichols Career Center
  • Danika Novak, Union High School
  • Ryan Okenfuss, Owensville High School
  • Caryn Patterson, Pacific High School
  • Kim Ray, Cuba High School
  • Erika Robertson, St. Clair High School
  • Sarah Rochleau, Sullivan High School
  • Zach Rogers,  John F. Hodge High School
  • Carmen Ruszala, St. Clair High School
  • Ben Sachs, Hermann High School
  • David Schatz, Salem Senior High School
  • Jennifer Schwenkter, Union High School
  • Paige Steinhoff, Parkway High School
  • Terri Story, John F. Hodge High School
  • Taylor Tholen, Union High School
  • Michelle Turner, Washington High School
  • Sherri White, Owensville High School
  • Nova Wright, Clearview Homeschool
  • Sara Young, Sullivan Middle School