ECC Faculty Volunteer to Receive Pie in the Face for Charity

ECC Faculty Volunteer to Receive Pie in the Face for Charity

October 24, 2016 |

It’s called “The Coin War,” and it’s pitting East Central College faculty members against each other.

“I’m not too worried about being pied in the face,” admitted instructor Kevin Dixon. “I just want to be able to clean up the mess before a class!”

From Oct. 10-28, donation jars will be at the main desk in the Learning Center. The jars will have the names of seven members participating in the competition. The faculty member who raises the most money will be determined the “winner,” and will get the “honor” of getting a pie smashed in his or her face on Oct. 31. The staff members include: Aaron Bounds, Dr. Isaiah Kellogg, Dr. Wendy Pecka, Kevin Dixon, Amber Dunn, Gregory Stotler, and Richard Hudanick.

“I have to admit the thought of ‘stuffing the box’ crossed my mind, but I decided to not worry about it and just let what happens happen,” Dixon said. “Although, I could be encouraged to do so.”

Another staff member did not appear to be concerned about possibly being pied in the face.

“When I was asked to volunteer for this event, my immediate thought was ‘It is a good cause I would like
to help out with,’” Bounds said.

Donations will be given to the Franklin County United Way for assistance to families, children and elderly in need.

“United Way is a great organization that helps out in the community in so many ways. My wife and I donate to them through the payroll deduction plan here at the college, and I figure this is a small way to help even more,” Dixon said.

If you’d like to see one of these staff members get pied in the face, drop your spare change off today!