ECC Students Recognized for Achievements During Academic Year

ECC Students Recognized for Achievements During Academic Year

April 30, 2024 |

East Central College faculty, staff, and administrators recognized many students for their outstanding accomplishments in the past academic year, both inside and outside the classroom.

The ECC Campus Life and Leadership’s annual Student Achievement Night on May 23 was an opportunity to recognize students for leadership, academic excellence, club engagement, success in the classroom, and as student employees.

Academic Excellence Award:

The Vice President’s Academic Excellence Award was presented to Joey Guyton. This prestigious award recognizes one student each year who demonstrates exemplary academic excellence during their time at ECC. The recipient must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4, and they must be nominated by a department chair. All nominations were submitted to the College vice presidents for consideration. The award was presented by Dr. Robyn Walter, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Outstanding Student Leader:

Augast Haddad was chosen as the 2024 outstanding student leader. She was nominated for her work and leadership as the Student Government Association president. The award recognizes one student for exceptional leadership skills and abilities.


Collaborative Excellence:

This award was presented to Katie Johnsen in the Health Information Management program. Johnsen was nominated for this prestigious award by Kimberly Daman-Scheel, HIM Program Director.

Club Officer Awards:

The awards for club officers are given to student leaders for their contributions as stewards of student engagement on campus. Students are nominated by club advisors. The following students were recognized for their service as club officers:

  • August Haddad, Student Government Association President
  • Taylor Sikes, Student Government Association Vice President
  • Mary Daily, Phi Theta Kappa President, Chi Delta Chapter
  • Maxwell Reeves, Phi Theta Kappa Executive Vice President, Chi Delta Chapter
  • Sarah O’Bannon, Phi Theta Kappa Vice President for Public Relations, Chi Delta Chapter
  • Enoch Schloeman, Phi Theta Kappa Vice President for Chapter Programs, Chi Delta Chapter
  • Nicholas Rucker, Phi Theta Kappa Distinguished Chapter Member, Chi Delta Chapter
  • Adrian Smith, Rotaract Club President & Member of the Year
  • Hunter Sperry, Rotaract Club Vice President
  • Nicholas Rucker, Sergeant-at-Arms, Rotaract Club Vice President

Academic Distinction

Awards of academic distinction are given by faculty members for students exhibiting excellence in academics. Though these students will likely have a high mark in the gradebook, a student chosen for this award should also demonstrate an understanding of the course material, be an active participant in class, and contribute to the larger culture of succeeding and high-level thinking in the classroom. The following students were given awards for academic distinction:

  • Evan Laurent, Statistics
  • Ava Overschmidt, Intermediate Algebra
  • Sophia Voss, Math for Fine and Performing Arts
  • Brian Blackmon, Welding
  • Casey Smurphat, Welding
  • Mitchell J. Ginger, Welding
  • Kaitlyn Donovan, Medical Terminology
  • Aaron David Bounds, English Composition II
  • Mark Grotewiel, Doyle Stricklin Award for Outstanding Performance in Accounting
  • McKenna Tyree, Outstanding Performance in Business Award
  • Adelaine Peters, Welding
  • Paige Dobsch, English
  • Ingrid Cordova, English
  • Taylor Lindemann, English
  • Jackson Briggs, English
  • Kaylee Miller, English
  • Peyton Campbell, English and Humanities
  • Kevin Corley, English and Humanities
  • Mary Daily, English and Humanities

Spirited Falcon Award

The ECC Spirited Falcon awards are given to students in recognition of perseverance, a consistent willingness to learn and improve, and measured improvement.

This award is designed to honor students who, despite any obstacles they may face during their semester, demonstrated a continued commitment to their education and success as a student.

The following students were given Spirited Falcon awards:

  • Summer Fisher, Nursing
  • Sarah Price, Nursing
  • Joey Guyton, Nursing
  • Kirsten Rich, Falcon Seminar
  • Dalton Cruzen, English and Humanities
  • Tyrell Burrell Sanders, English and Humanities
  • Faith Skaggs, English
  • Hanna Goehlich, Welding
  • Nicole Pope, Arts and Humanities, London Spring Break
  • Shayne Harrington, Arts and Humanities, London Spring Break
  • Max Johnson, Arts and Humanities, London Spring Break
  • Elijah Long, Arts and Humanities, London Spring Break
  • Lauren Hoey, Arts and Humanities, London Spring Break
  • Hallelujah Medlock, Arts and Humanities, London Spring Break
  • Sabren Mastin, Arts and Humanities, London Spring Break

NAE Honor Society

Adult Education and Literacy students who were recently inducted into the were honored at Student Achievement Night.

The following students were inducted into NAEHS:

  • Phoenix Boyer
  • Precious Stovall
  • Merideth Green
  • Diana Rivas
  • Madan Singh
  • Patrick Alphonse
  • Alma Hernandez
  • Ratti Ram
  • Jonathon Cox
  • Mari Lourdes Woodfin
  • Jana Oldfather
  • Alexandria Madewell