Haines Receives NISOD Excellence Award

Haines Receives NISOD Excellence Award

September 3, 2020 |

East Central College’s Sarah Haines, Career and Technical Education program assistant, is being recognized nationally for maintaining a high-quality “student-centered approach” in all of her endeavors.

Haines is a recipient of the 2020 NISOD (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development) Excellence Award, which is presented to college employees who do extraordinary work on campus.

According to her nominator, Haines has been actively engaged with ECC’s budget committee, including a subcommittee appointment.

“She has strong relationship building skills which is often demonstrated in her working capacity with the (Career and Technical Education) division’s faculty,” her colleague noted.

“Her credibility with faculty is predicated on her deep understanding of course design that lends to effective instruction in classrooms and labs, while recognizing the diverse pools of learning styles and technical education.”

Haines’ colleague added that her critical thinking and problem solving skills are demonstrated through her responsibilities, including data collection related to program accreditation and Technical Skills Assessments (TSA).

Her colleague further added that Haines’ personal and career journey is reflective of her excellent work ethic. In 2008, Sarah, a single mother, was laid off from work and began her college journey.

“Sarah started her post-secondary education working to complete her Associate of Arts. She recently completed her Bachelor’s degree and submitted an application for a graduate degree.

“She is truly a center of excellence and an example of dedication.”

The NISOD Excellence Awards is an opportunity for member colleges to recognize individuals doing extraordinary work on their campuses.

Each Excellence Award recipient receives a unique silver medallion engraved with The University of Texas and NISOD insignias and adorned with a burnt orange ribbon.

The overarching statement expressed through the award is that teaching and leading on the front lines of the community college mission rest on the shoulders of these outstanding individuals.