How to Skip Over Classes You Don’t Need

How to Skip Over Classes You Don’t Need

June 6, 2018 |

Spending just a week in The Learning Center this summer could potentially save you nearly a thousand dollars in tuition and three semesters worth of classes! The free Bridge Program can help students assess their skills, improve class placement, accelerate coursework and save money!

It is ideal for students who have already taken an Accuplacer assessment test and have been placed in Reading Comprehension, Intro to Writing/Comp Expansion, Connected Reading and Writing, Pre-Algebra or Introductory Algebra. Students who haven’t tested yet are are still welcome to register and attend a Bridge Program class.

“The courses are designed to work in a student’s favor,” said Erin Anglin, Director of The Learning Center. “There is no penalization for scoring below initial test scores. Students can only improve placement. This is really beneficial to students and gives them an opportunity to potentially improve math placement by up to three courses and to completely test out of developmental reading and English courses.”

Students will also get the chance to take the Accuplacer Diagnostic test, allowing Learning Center Specialists to help students find individual opportunities for growth and work one-on-one to create a plan for improvement that builds on the student’s strengths and previous knowledge.

“We encourage all students wanting to improve their placement to give us a week of their time to help advance their skills, build academic support systems, get an introduction to East Central College and achieve their goals,” said Anglin.

Students can sign up for the free Bridge Program by visiting or emailing The Learning Center or stopping by Student Services.