#InspiringExcellence – Jennifer Higerd Honored with Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award

#InspiringExcellence – Jennifer Higerd Honored with Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award

December 19, 2018 | ,

She has taught in West Africa. She spent several years tutoring hearing-impaired high school students. She even spent a year as a Spanish instructor. No matter the setting, Jennifer Higerd loves to teach.

“I’ve really been teaching for most of my adult life,” she said. “I love watching and guiding the transformations and growth in students – the look on their faces when they ‘get it.’”

For the last eight years, Higerd has been educating East Central College students in design and ceramics. She also is the curator for the East Central College Art Gallery.

“I really enjoy getting to know students – helping them to find their voice and then to find the medium to share their story,” she explained. “I love to see the new and innovative things they come up with.”

Her passion for teaching hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2018, she was awarded the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award! Sponsored by Emerson, the award program annually recognizes more than 100 educators in the St. Louis area who are examples of excellence in their field.

“It is so nice to be appreciated! I am thankful for wonderful colleagues who’ve helped me to grow and improve as a teacher and mentor,” she said. “I’m so thankful to work with so many talented and inspiring colleagues doing such great things on our campus.”