Kolb Presented with Emerson’s Glass Apple for Excellence

Kolb Presented with Emerson’s Glass Apple for Excellence

May 9, 2024 |

Leigh Kolb’s unwavering dedication to her students and her contributions to the academic community have earned her the prestigious 2023 Emerson Excellence in Teaching award.

Kolb has been an Associate Professor of English and Journalism at East Central College for the past 15 years, thriving as a full-time faculty member during that time; while positively impacting countless students with her passion for literature, film, and journalism.

Her commitment to the craft of writing, coupled with her genuine care for each student, distinguishes her as an outstanding educator.

“Leigh embodies the essence of excellence in teaching,” remarked one colleague. “Her ability to connect literature with current events fosters engagement and personal interest in class discussions, leaving a lasting impact on her students.”

The Excellence in Teaching Awards program, sponsored by Emerson, annually recognizes educators in the St. Louis metropolitan area who are examples of excellence in their field. Recipients are selected by administrators of their school districts or educational institutions, and they receive a glass apple from Emerson.

In addition to her excellence in teaching, Kolb’s committee work and professional accomplishments are exemplary. She has demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the student experience through assessment of both formal curriculum and co-curricular activities.

As the co-chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, Kolb actively promotes an inclusive learning environment. She also spearheads the Film & Lecture Series, enriching communities through educational film screenings and scholarly discussions.

Additionally, Kolb continues to exercise her writing and critical thinking skills through contributions to pop culture and philosophy in magazines and books. Her recent work, “What Saves the World? Care and Ecofeminism,” is featured in the newly published book “Mad Max and Philosophy: Thinking Through the Wasteland.”

“Leigh is a passionate, dedicated, and effective teacher,” said one nominator. “She consistently creates an environment that encourages critical thinking and personal reflection, setting her students up for success both in and outside the classroom.”

The Emerson Excellence in Teaching award is a testament to Kolb’s commitment to academic excellence and student success.