Manufacturers Partner with ECC, The Quality Coach for Training

September 8, 2022 | Campus News

Front-line leaders at two area manufacturers completed advanced apprenticeship programs to hone their leadership skills and bolster their workforces.

Employees at The Children’s Factory, in Union, and RotoMetrics, in Eureka, took part in onsite Leadership Apprenticeship programs, led and facilitated by The Quality Coach (TQC), a leadership coaching and consulting firm.

The training was conducted in partnership with East Central College’s Center for Workforce Development (CWD). The manufacturers worked with the college’s CWD to navigate the funding process and coordinate with The Quality Coach.

The Quality Coach Leadership (TQC) Apprenticeship participants
Pictured are participants in The Quality Coach Leadership (TQC) Apprenticeship program conducted at The Children’s Factory, Union, in partnership with East Central College’s Center for Workforce Development (CWD). Front row, from left, are Dr. Brenda Bouse, TQC president; Ellen Woodruff, TQC; The Children’s Factory training participants Zachariah Hudson, Shannon Mize, Angela Gooch. Shirley Duffer, Tina McKenna, Rachel King, Tammie Pohlmann and Rachel Journey; Melissa Richards, ECC CWD; and Mary Shofner, TQC. Back row, from left, are Amy Eagan, TQC; and The Children’s Factory trainees Ike David, Larry Bettmeng, Adam Seamon, Rose Laroe, Becky Thompson, Justin Adams, Barbie Suite, and Will Hunter. Not pictured is Don Phinney.

The apprenticeship programs were funded through the Missouri Registered Apprenticeship Program (MoAMP), a statewide initiative to improve the ability to deliver innovative pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training programs. The apprenticeships are registered and validated by the Department of Labor.

Melissa Richards, ECC’s apprenticeship and business training program coordinator, was key in making the apprenticeship a success.

A consortium of nine schools, established by the Missouri Community College Association (MCCA), participate in MoAMP, which utilizes U.S. Department of Labor funding to strengthen workforces and build workers’ competencies

Leadership Training

The TQC Leadership Apprenticeship program is designed to provide practical on-the-job skills for those either moving into a leadership role or those who are currently in a leadership position.

“We were proud and excited to work with these two clients to create, deliver and fund their apprenticeship programs,” Richards said.

She noted that TQC and ECC are at the forefront in strategic apprenticeship trains.

“Over the past year we’ve seen a shift from all technical apprenticeships to now include a strategic focus on Leadership Apprenticeships for future leaders, team leads, supervisors and executive leaders within an industry,” Richards added.

“Retention and succession planning are in the forefront of every employer’s mind and investing in a competency based Registered Apprenticeship program will continue to strengthen the talent and culture for these partners.”

TQC Apprenticeship Program

There were 22 Children’s Factory employees and 15 RotoMetrics employees who took part in the program.

According to Dr. Brenda Bouse, TQC owner, its apprenticeship program is customized to meet company objectives, but includes core and foundational leadership components critical for effective leadership in today’s environment.

“We were thrilled to work with the leaders within RotoMetrics and The Children’s Factory on honing their leadership skills,” she said. “The program included one-on-one coaching and blended learning with tools and resources, including how to best respond to challenges in today’s workplace.

“Our team has a high amount of respect for those working in manufacturing and we are here to partner on successful outcomes in leading people,” Bouse added.

Chuck Wood, plant manager at RotoMetrics, said he previously was a client of The Quality Coach and wanted his team to have the same high level of leadership training.

“I was blown away by the passion that Brenda and her team bring to their jobs and this process,” Wood commented. “We have a very diverse team of leaders with varying degrees of experience — Brenda and her team have a special knack for connecting with anyone where they are on their journey in becoming better leaders.

“I know my team is stronger thanks to the training TQC provided.”

To learn more about MoAMP apprenticeships and registered apprenticeships through ECC’s CWD, visit or call 636-649-5800.

The Quality Coach Leadership (TQC) Apprenticeship participants
These are the participants in The Quality Coach Leadership (TQC) Apprenticeship program conducted at RootMetrics, Eureka, in partnership with East Central College’s Center for Workforce Development (CWD). Front row, from left, are Billy Bradley, Joel Potter, Chris Kunkel, Keith Froning, Tim Williams-Bonnett and Taylor Schafler. Second row, from left, are Gene Wilson, Gary Jinkerson, Mike Parmeley, Jef Haugh and Jeff Burris. Third row, from left, are Melissa Richards, ECC CWD; and Amy Eagan, Ellen Woodruff, Dr. Lori Vanleer, Dr. Brenda Bouse, all with TQC. Back row, from left, are Chuck Wood, Tony Corscadded, Frank Farruggia and Stephen Minardi, with RotoMetrics.