Meet Student Ambassador Kjia Zuroweste

Meet Student Ambassador Kjia Zuroweste

January 23, 2017 |

New Haven native Kjia Zuroweste came to East Central College with a goal.

“I really wanted to gain knowledge,” the sophomore said. “I wanted to stretch my comfort zone and enjoy the entire process.”

When she heard about the Student Ambassador Program, it seemed like a perfect fit. “I thought it would be a great opportunity to speak about my experience at ECC,” Zuroweste explained.

“Student Ambassadors are an exceptional group of students selected to represent ECC at special events on campus and in the community,” said Director of Admissions Nathaniel Mitchell.

Started in the spring of 2014, the East Central College Foundation funds students who have shown potential to be leaders on campus. The Student Ambassadors at ECC are involved in a variety of activities both on campus and in the community. Some of these activities include assisting with campus registration, graduation ceremonies and various fundraisers.

So far, Zuroweste has enjoyed her time as ambassador, though she admits people often have trouble with her name.

“My first name is Scandinavian,” she explained. “My last name is German. They get mispronounced a lot.”

She especially enjoys interactions with fellow students. “Call me crazy,” she said, “but I love having deep, philosophical conversations. I don’t care what the topic is!”

While she admits that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, she has other interests too.

“I love hunting, fishing and everything outdoors,” she said. “I also enjoy playing sports and going to the gym.”

Student Ambassadors at East Central College network and develop relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students that can last a lifetime. Each Student Ambassador commits him or herself to a full year of service to ECC and attends a summer training session to build teamwork, communication and character building skills.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador, stop by the Student Service Center at ECC-Union to find out more, or apply online.