Students Recognized at Achievement Night in Union

Students Recognized at Achievement Night in Union

May 20, 2022 | , , ,

East Central College students were recognized last week for leadership, academic excellence, club engagement and success in the classroom.

ECC’s Campus Life and Leadership annually holds a Student Achievement Night awards ceremony to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of students.

Students are nominated for awards by faculty who recognize academic excellence, perseverance, and contributions to a culture of student success both in and out of the classroom.

Club Officer Awards

These awards are given to student leaders to recognize their contributions as stewards of student engagement on campus. Students are nominated by their club advisors.

The following students were honored for their service as club officers:

  • Brooklyn Hyatt, Student Government Association, President
  • Alexis Johnson, Student Government Association, Vice President
  • Sage Sparkman, Student Government Association, Public Relations Officer
  • Theo Krummel, Student Government Association, Chief Recording Officer
  • Dora Bell, Past Student Government Association, Public Relations Officer
  • Kylee Vawter, Art Club, Secretary
  • Abby Stanfield, Art Club, Treasurer
  • Sarah Mier, Phi Theta Kappa, President
  • Donna Hall, Phi Theta Kappa, Vice President
  • Caroline Dunne, Phi Theta Kappa, Vice President of Recording and Finance
  • Dora Bell, Phi Theta Kappa, Vice President of Public Relations
  • Adrian Smith, Rotaract, President
  • Samantha Peterson, Rotaract, President and Vice President
  • Brianna Sullivan, Psychology Club, President
  • Emma Weston, Psychology Club, Vice President
  • Alik Callahan, Student-Missouri State Teachers Association
  • Jennifer Shaw, Student-Missouri State Teachers Association.

Academic Awards

Awards of academic distinction are given to students by faculty members in recognition of academic excellence.

Though these students will likely have a high mark in the gradebook, a student chosen for this award should also demonstrate an understanding of the course material, be an active participant in class, and contribute to the larger culture of succeeding and high-level thinking in the classroom.

The following Union students were given awards for academic distinction:

  • Ashley Foster-Jungfermann, Health Information Management
  • Julie Krull, The Learning Center/Mathematics
  • Sarah Harris, The Learning Center/Chemistry
  • Joe McInnes, The Learning Center/English
  • Malorie Smiley, Nursing
  • Ruby Mitchell, English
  • Vickie Gumpenberger, Business
  • Candice Whistler, Doyle Stricklin Memorial Award for Outstanding Performance in Accounting
  • Samantha Loddeke, Reading Comprehension
  • Emily Moody, Music
  • Zach Southard, Music
  • Manny McQueen, Art & Design
  • Abby Stanfield, Art & Design
  • Miriam Bondor, Art & Design
  • Ash Dodson, Art & Design
  • Chloe Eades, Art & Design
  • Emma Brown, Art & Design
  • Emily Knoppe, Art & Design
  • Donna Hall, Technical Writing
  • Kar Meyer, English & Humanities
  • Emma Thomas, English
  • Riley Klekamp, English
  • Collin Immekus, Humanities & Media Studies
  • Dora Bell, Media Studies
  • Tyler Melvin, English & Media Studies
  • Emrhys Bradley, English & Humanities
  • Taylor Duvel, Industrial Engineering Technology
  • Emrhys Bradley, Philosophy Department Student of the Year

Spirited Falcon Awards

Spirited Falcon awards are given to students by faculty members in recognition of perseverance, a consistent willingness to learn and improve, and measured improvement as deemed appropriate by the faculty nominator.

This award is designed to honor students who, despite any obstacles they may face during their semester, demonstrated a continued commitment to their education and success as a student. The following Union students were given Spirited Falcon awards:

  • Pierocarlo Previte, The Learning Center/Learning & Athletics
  • Julio Gonzalez, The Learning Center/Tutoring & Athletics
  • Miguel Gonzalez, The Learning Center/Tutoring & Athletics
  • Charlena Borges, Nursing
  • Lyndsey Graczyk, Nursing
  • Taylor Kelley, Reading Comprehension
  • Marin Muster, Art & Design
  • Sara Carter, Art & Design
  • Gabby Girardier, Art & Design
  • Kylee Barton, English
  • Justin Todd, Philosophy
  • Claire Smith, Philosophy
  • Theo Krummel, Philosophy
  • Abby Stephens, Philosophy
  • Sarah Sartorius, Paramedic Technology