Taking Care of Loved Ones – Home Care Workshops Starting in April

March 27, 2018 |

According to the AARP, more than 40 million people give unpaid care to their loved ones in the United States. Caring for a family member or close friend is both important and complicated. It can happen suddenly, with an accident or illness, or it may happen gradually. When the time comes, will you be prepared?

“We know many people are put into a home care role without any formal training,” said Terri Warmack, East Central College Health Careers Outreach Coordinator. “They are entering unfamiliar territory and have lots of questions.”

In April, East Central College will offer Home Care Assistant Workshops through its Center for Workforce Development.

“These are classes designed to help not only paid home health care workers but family members and caregivers,” said Warmack.

Held every Wednesday evening from April 11 – May 16, the classes focus on topics like CPR, first aid, transferring loved ones safely and promoting independence. In cooperation with the East Central College Culinary Department, two of the classes will focus on dietary restrictions and healthy eating habits. Participants will learn how to cook easy, healthy meals in the sessions

The Home Care Assistant Workshops are $40 per class or $200 for all six classes. Contact Terri Warmack to sign up 636-584-6534 or terri.warmack@eastcentral.edu.

Classes are held in the East Central College Training Center located at 1964 Prairie Dell Road in Union.