Trustees Approve Agreement with City of Union for Resource Officers on Campus

Trustees Approve Agreement with City of Union for Resource Officers on Campus

May 11, 2016 |

East Central College trustees approved a five-year agreement with the City of Union to provide Union Police Department officers on the main campus. Action came at the May 9 board meeting.

“I am very pleased with the agreement we’ve worked out with the city to establish a campus resource officer program on the Union campus,” stated Dr. Jon Bauer, ECC president.  “We will share the cost on a 50-50 basis for the first two years.  That will allow the college to use money generated from the new $4 per credit hour security fee that goes into effect this fall to fund some one-time purchases before year three when we will begin fully reimbursing the city for the personnel costs.”

“We anticipate having the lead daytime officer on campus around the start of the fall semester, with a second officer who will cover late afternoons, evenings and weekend events beginning later in the fall,” Bauer noted.  With the agreement in place, the city will now actively pursue hiring new officers to fill vacancies in the department due to several retirements.  Experienced officers will be assigned to the campus resource officer positions at ECC.

The officers will be employees of the Union Police Department but will be based on the campus full-time.  The substation located at ECC will serve as the base of operations for the officers.  They will only respond off-campus in cases where all officers are called to the scene of a major incident and neither the city nor college anticipate that to be a frequent occurrence.

“In addition to patrolling the campus, the officers will provide value to the college by making recommendations and coordinating campus security and emergency response,” said Bauer.

The City of Union will provide a vehicle to be used by the campus resource officers, but ECC will provide all equipment for the vehicle and also cover any installation costs.  The college will also pay for vehicle maintenance and all parts needed for maintenance. Whenever possible the City of Union mechanics will provide the manpower.

All expenses related to police officer specific training as well as campus resource officer related training will be paid by the college, as will special armed intruder response equipment and any other equipment unique to the duties of the campus resource officer.   ECC will only pay uniform and equipment costs if the campus resource officer is a new hire to the Union Police Department.

“This agreement builds on the strong working relationship we’ve established with the City of Union on several projects over the past few years,” Bauer said.  “I believe this to be a significant step forward regarding campus security and I look forward to having the officers on campus.”

Central Methodist University Presence at ECC Campus Extended

At their May 9 meeting college trustees approved a revised memorandum of understanding with Central Methodist University for continuing usage of facilities for the 2017 fiscal year.  CMU will pay a flat rental fee of $20,500 per year based on 45 credit hours per eight-week session for general classroom usage.  That is an increase of $500 from the current rate.  CMU has offered bachelor’s and master’s level classes on the ECC Union campus since 1992.


In personnel matters, board members approved one resignation and a full-time faculty hiring.  The re-employment of 51 full-time members of the professional staff for fiscal year 2017 as well as adjunct instructors for the upcoming summer session were also authorized.

Trustees approved the appointment of Rachel Howard as psychology/sociology instructor for the upcoming academic year.  An adjunct instructor with ECC since 2013, she currently serves as ECC’s retention coordinator.  Howard earned bachelor’s degrees in psychology as well as early childhood and elementary education from Missouri Baptist University.  She also received a master’s degree in counselor education from that same institution.

The resignation of Tiffany Voss, nursing instructor at ECC-Rolla, was accepted effective at the end of this spring semester.

Policies Approved

Revisions to several policies dealing with solicitation and fundraising, facilities use and political activities were also approved by board members.

Fundraising for external causes is prohibited on the campus unless specifically authorized by the college president or board of trustees.  The sale on campus of any articles or services not otherwise sanctioned by the college is prohibited.

Student or employee organizations raising funds to benefit, or otherwise on behalf of, external organizations must have prior approval by the college president. Procedures were also outlined regarding employees wishing to solicit co-workers for personal causes along with prohibition of commercial solicitation on college owned or leased property unless a visit has been scheduled with college personnel.

The facilities use policy was also revised to remain in compliance with current laws.

As a service to the community, ECC allows community members to utilize college facilities, the campus and resources if such use does not conflict with the college’s operations and educational mission.  ECC students, employees, and alumni receive priority with regard to the use of facilities and resources.  Community members may apply for use of ECC facilities and resources, and, when applicable, use outdoor spaces in accordance with the college’s expressive activities policy.  Individuals wishing to engage in expressive activities in ECC’s outdoor spaces may do so without first seeking the permission of the college.

Individuals or organizations not associated with expressive activities must submit a facilities use form no later than two weeks prior to an event or activity.  A fee may be charged based on the space requested.

The policy on political activities was revised to note that political activities on college property, including canvassing, shall not cause unreasonable disruption of the college function, nor any danger to community members, damage to personal or college property, or unconstitutional interference with the rights of others.

Changes to each of the policies are effective immediately.

Budget Update

President Bauer updated trustees on development of the budget for the 2017 fiscal year which will be presented to the board for approval in June.  “Things look good from the state perspective with a four percent increase in performance funding and an additional $440,000 in state aid coming to ECC.” Bauer stated.  “The local tax base is projected to be flat. The Franklin County Assessor’s office has provided us with a new tool to better project new construction in the county.”

“On the expense side the biggest element still to be determined is the collective bargaining agreement with the faculty,” he said.  “We are very close to having an agreement that will go to the faculty for ratification.  Once we have that in place we’ll be able to fill out the remainder of the expense side of the budget.”