4.30 Keys Policy

Keys to provide access to College property will be issued to employees subject to established procedures.


4.30.1 Keys for access to College property will be issued and appropriate records regarding such issuance maintained by the Director of Facilities and will be governed by the following guidelines:

a. Full-time contractual employees may request building and interior keys in order to have access to their office and/or work areas.
b. Other College personnel may, with supervisory approval, request keys to have access to the work assignment area.
c. All requests for keys must be made on an approved form which requires agreement that the key(s) shall not be loaned, duplicated or issued to another individual at any time.
d. Keys will not be issued to students, and employees are not to loan keys assigned to them to students.
e. All keys must be returned to the office where received upon resignation and prior to the payment of last salary check. In the case of part-time personnel, keys should be returned prior to the last salary payment unless the individual is under contract for the next session or semester
f. Failure to use keys in accordance with requirements stated herein may result in the loss of key privileges as well as appropriate disciplinary procedures.

(Adopted 11-2-1987; Revised 6-23-2003)