5.31 Compensation

Paychecks will be issued to employees on a regular basis and in a manner so that the amount, method, and timing of such payments comply with any applicable laws or regulations and will include standard deductions.

Procedures: (Revised 8-14-2006; Revised 12-2-2013)

5.31.1 Payroll for Employees

Employees will be paid biweekly through direct deposit.
• Professional staff contracted salary will be paid in equal installments over 26 pay periods effective July 1 – June 30.
• Faculty contracted salary will be paid in equal installments over 26 pay periods effective with the start date of the contract in August. A prorated amount will be used for a January start date. Overload pay is according to the semester adjunct pay schedule.
• Support staff will be paid biweekly based on hours worked.
• Adjunct faculty will be paid biweekly based on the semester adjunct pay schedule.


5.31.2 Non-Exempt Employees

(a) Non-exempt employees are paid for hours worked as recorded on time sheets. Time sheets are to be completed weekly and turned in by noon the following Monday to the Business Office or at designated drop locations. Employees are paid every other Friday for hours worked through the preceding Friday. The workweek begins on Saturday and continues through the following Friday. Federal and state income tax will be withheld according to the W-4 on file. Basic social security, Medicare and PEERS contributions will also be withheld as required.

(1) Employees must record their starting time, time out for meal break, time in from meal break, quitting time, and total hours worked for each workday. Unworked time for which an employee is entitled to be paid (paid absences, paid holidays, or paid vacation time) should be entered on the time sheet as such. Time sheets cover one workweek and are to be completed at the close of each workday. A copy of the leave of absence form should be submitted with the timesheet.

(2) Employees are not permitted to sign in or commence work before their normal starting time or to sign out or stop work after their normal quitting time without the prior approval of the supervisor.

(3) Time sheets must be verified and signed by the supervisor or appropriate administrator at the end of each work week. The supervisor/employee shall submit the time sheets to the Business Office as requested.

Employees may be subject to disciplinary action for failure to follow guidelines.

(b) Non-exempt employees (those not exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act) will be paid overtime compensation at the rate of one and one-half times the regular hourly rate for actual hours worked above 40 hours per week. Sick leave, personal leave, vacation, jury duty, College holidays and closings are treated as paid leave and not hours worked in regards to overtime.


5.31.3 Direct Deposit

All employees will be paid by direct deposit to the employee’s account; multiple accounts may be designated based on the capabilities of the College and the financial institutions. Employees will have electronic access to pay advices through eCentral and will not receive paper copies. Any exceptions must be approved by Human Resources.


5.31.4 W-2’s (Adopted 12-2-2013)

W-2’s will be available according to IRS guidelines. Employees have the option to receive electronic W-2’s through eCentral


5.31.5 Payroll Deduction Required by Court Order (Adopted 1-6-1997)

The Chief Financial Officer or designee is the only person authorized to receive a writ of sequestration or attachment, wage assignment, a notice of levy by any taxing authority, or any other similar order requiring payment of a portion of an employee’s compensation to someone other than the employee.


5.31.6 Payroll Deduction for Debts Due the College (Adopted 1-6-1997)

The following policy shall apply to the collection of a debt owed to the College by any employee.

(a) Payroll deductions shall be made from the wages of an employee owing a debt to the College for reasons such as: compensation overpayment, lack of receipts for cash advances for College expenses, lack of payment of special fees or books for classes taken, College owned property which the employee has damaged, destroyed, or lost due to gross negligence or an intentional act, or any other reason a debt may be owed to the College.

(b) The full debt owed to the College shall be deducted from the employee’s final pay. The employee shall be held responsible for any amount owed in excess of the final pay and will be invoiced according to College procedures.

(c) The amount deducted shall not result in lowering the wage below the minimum wage.


5.31.7 Voluntary Payroll Deductions (Adopted 12-2-2013)

A. Charitable Contributions

The College has authorized East Central College Foundation scholarships and United Way contributions as approved charitable payroll deductions. These contributions will cease at termination of employment.

B. Other Authorized Contributions

The College may authorize payroll deductions for College-sponsored programs and/or approved memberships or as deemed necessary. Contributions will cease at the end of employment and the remaining balance, if applicable, will be deducted from final pay.

(Adopted 6-1-1992; Revised 11-4-2002; Reaffirmed 12-2-2013)