4.41 College Bookstore

(Revised 12-2-2002, 12-5-2022)

East Central College will operate a College Bookstore for the benefit of the students, faculty, and staff of the College.  Students, faculty, and staff will follow procedures outlined regarding utilization of the East Central College Bookstore.

Procedures (Revised 8-25-2008, 12-5-2022)

4.41.1  Office supplies for College use are available in the bookstore.  Supplies may be purchased by departmental charge.  Bookstore charges are uploaded monthly to the general ledger.  Details of these charges are maintained by the bookstore manager and are available upon request.  Bookstore purchases over $100 require prior authorization by the budget manager.

4.41.2  Rental books may be secured by using a credit or debit card.  If a rental book is not returned by the due date, the card used to secure the rental will be charged the full retail cost of the book.  Damage to a rental book may result in additional charges when the book is returned.  Students may purchase a rental book through the bookstore if arrangements are made prior to the rental return date.

 4.41.3  Textbook return periods will be set and publicized by the bookstore.

4.41.4 Copyright laws and procedures will apply to all materials.