4.19 College Liability Insurance

(Adopted 8-25-2008; Revised 12-5-2022)

The College will maintain coverage against liability of the College and its employees as allowed by law and in a manner meant to maintain sovereign and official immunities provided by state law to the College and its employees. Such coverage may be maintained through insurance or participation in the state public entity risk management fund.  To the extent of the covered risks and coverage limits, the College will defend and indemnify employees against liability for acts and omissions within the course and scope of their duties. The College will not defend or indemnify employees against their criminal or intentional wrongful acts or any liability for any acts or omissions that occur outside the course and scope of their duties. The College reserves the right, in circumstances which the Board of Trustees deems appropriate, and following a majority vote of the whole thereof, to determine whether to defend and/or indemnify an employee in a proceeding brought against the employee alleging a loss not within the covered risks, resulting from an employee’s act or omission that occurs within the course and scope of the employee’s duties.