4.9 Default of Payment

(Approved 3-8-2004; Revised 12-5-2022)

Payment of tuition and fees is due pursuant to the published schedule.  When a student’s check for payment of goods or services is returned for a non-existent account or insufficient funds, a charge will be assessed. Any student who has not paid in full pursuant to the published schedule (including defaulting on a payment such as through returned check or rejected credit card), enrolled in an approved payment plan, or has not secured an approved funding source through financial aid, tuition remission, or scholarship will be dropped from courses immediately for non-payment.  Drops begin on the first published tuition due date prior to the beginning of the term and continue through the first week of class, also known as the 100% tuition refund date.  Students enrolled in only second eight-week or late-start classes who have not paid or secured an approved funding source are dropped prior to the first day of the class.