4.40 External Food Vendor Operations

(Adopted 10-7-2019)

East Central College allows external food vendors to operate on College-owned or leased property at locations determined and approved in advance by the College.  Leased property may also require consent from the College’s landlord.  External food vendor operations shall not interfere with campus and/or academic activities nor impede the flow of pedestrian traffic on the campus and must comply with all applicable codes and ordinances.  All external food vendors must hold appropriate business and food service licenses.  The College President or designee is authorized to administer the external food vendor policy in accordance with state and local laws.

Procedures (Adopted 10-7-19)

4.40.1    Vendors must complete the External Food Vendor Contract located on the East Central College (ECC) website and return the completed form, along with appropriate documents as stated in the contract, to the East Central College Facilities and Grounds office.

  1. Evidence of insurance, business license, and any other applicable city or county licenses or permits along with copies of the food license, valid driver’s license, and the external food operation menu shall be submitted electronically in conjunction with the External Food Operation Vendor Contract.

4.40.2    Following approval of the contract by the Facilities and Grounds office, the vendor will be added to the list of Approved External Food Vendors.

4.40.3    No approved vendor is allowed to operate on College property unless it has reserved its time and location.  Approved vendors can make up to two (2) reservations per week in advance.  Reservations are made on a first-come-first-served basis.

4.40.4    College policies and procedures must be followed by all vendors.  Vendors must display their approved ECC vendor pass at all times while parked on campus.  Violations of ECC policies may result in termination of approved status and cancellation of reservations for the remainder of the year.  Refer to the External Food Operation Vendor Contract for complete terms and conditions.