4.27 Monuments and Memorials

(Adopted 2-7-2022)           

The College may erect or display (or cause to be erected or displayed) monuments or memorials on College property. Any monument or memorial shall be approved by the Board of Trustees. Monuments or memorials erected on College property shall serve to educate students and/or the general public, honor an individual(s) for service to the College or community, or give meaning to events that have shaped the College or community. Monuments or memorials shall be relevant to the vision, mission, and/or values of the College or to the history of the region served by the College.

Procedures (Adopted 2-7-2022) 

4.27.1  Requests to establish or erect a monument or memorial shall be presented in writing to the President of the College. The President shall consider the request within the parameters of this Policy and decide whether to recommend approval to the Board of Trustees.

4.27.2  The Board of Trustees has final approval authority; a majority of the whole Board being required to approve a monument or memorial.

4.27.3  Approval by the Board of Trustees shall include designation of the location of the monument or memorial and the party responsible for funding, installing, and/or maintaining the monument or memorial.

4.27.4  Monuments or memorials donated to the College shall become the property of the College, with all rights previously possessed by the donor being relinquished.

4.27.5  If the Board of Trustees authorizes an external party to erect, construct, install, or otherwise display a permanent monument or memorial, said work shall be performed at the direction of the College President or designee. The College has the right to review and approve any and all specifications (including but not necessarily limited to design, text, materials, weight, size of object, and location) of the monument or memorial. Monuments or memorials shall be safe from hazards such as sharp projecting elements, loose parts, or other public hazards.

4.27.6  The College shall retain full editorial control over any and all text displayed on a monument or memorial and/or any associated signs, markers, publications, social media, or advertisements.

4.27.7  The Board of Trustees, in its sole discretion, retains authority to remove a monument or memorial at any time.

4.27.8  Any monument or memorial displayed in tribute to an individual(s) shall not be approved until the individual(s) has been deceased for a minimum of ten (10) years. This restriction does not apply to the naming of facilities in accordance with Policy 4.26 Naming of East Central College Facilities.

4.27.9  This Policy shall apply to permanent monuments or memorials located on College property and not the use of College property or facilities for expressive activities as provided in Policy 4.33 Expressive Activities.