4.36 Motor Vehicles

(Adopted 11-2-1987; Revised 8-28-2003)

Operation of motorized vehicles by the public is permitted only on College roads and parking lots.  Use of all other areas is prohibited. All motor vehicle operators will be governed by College regulations, the statutes of the local jurisdiction, and laws of the state of Missouri.


4.36.1  Vehicle Registration and Parking Permits  (Revised 12-5-2022) 

  1. Employees, regardless of classification, must register all motor vehicles they park or expect to park on College property. Motor vehicles must be registered at the Cashier’s Office.
  2. College parking permits must be displayed as directed. A student permit is not required, but all employees are required to have and display a permit. Vehicles parked in reserved handicapped parking spaces must display a state-issued handicapped parking permit or license plate or a College-issued temporary handicapped parking permit.

4.36.2  Parking Violations  (Revised 12-5-2022)

  1. Vehicle owners, operators, or registrants will be held responsible for any traffic or parking violations involving their vehicle.
  2. Vehicle owners, operators, or registrants will be held responsible for handicapped parking and fire lane violations at all times.  Fines may be levied in these cases by the College or the local jurisdiction. College fines should be paid at the Cashier’s Office.
  3. Those students who have outstanding fines at the end of the semester will be placed on a “hold” list. While the student is on this list, they can receive neither grades nor transcripts from the Registrar’s Office and will be restricted from registering for any subsequent semesters.  When the student is placed on the “hold” list, they will remain on it until the outstanding fines are paid.

4.36.3  Abandoned Vehicles  (Revised 12-5-2022)

Vehicles left on College grounds for a period exceeding 15 calendar days will be considered abandoned. Such vehicles will be reported to the local jurisdiction and may be issued a city citation and be towed at the owner’s expense.

 4.36.4  Visitors (Revised 12-5-2022)

A College visitor is defined as any person other than a student or employee of ECC.  Visitors are requested to comply with all College traffic regulations.