4.26 Naming of East Central College Facilities

(Adopted 10-5-2009)

The Board of Trustees has the exclusive authority to name the facilities and property of East Central College, including but not limited to College buildings, portions of buildings, streets, athletic facilities, and other physical features.  To be adopted, a majority of the whole Board (four votes) must approve the proposed name.

Procedures (Adopted 10-5-2009; Revised 12-5-2022)

4.26.1  The Board of Trustees may consider naming honors for an individual who, through exemplary personal, professional, or civic endeavors, has had a significant, lasting, and measurable impact on the College, local region, state, nation, or the world.  Years of dedicated service to the institution as an employee in and of itself shall not be considered sufficient justification for naming.  At least one year must elapse before an individual formerly employed by or associated with East Central College may be nominated for naming honors.

4.26.2  The Board of Trustees may also consider naming honors for individuals, families, partnerships, corporations, foundations, or organizations who make a substantial monetary gift to the College or the East Central College Foundation.  In the case of a pledged gift, naming will take place only when the financial pledge has been fulfilled.  Amounts for naming opportunities will be set and adjusted periodically by the East Central College Board of Trustees.

4.26.3  Naming proposals must be prepared confidentially to protect the privacy of the nominee and their family while the proposal is under consideration.  Proposals must be presented in writing to the College president and must include supporting justification.  The credentials, character, and reputation of each individual, organization or corporation for whom a naming is being considered will be carefully scrutinized and evaluated.  No naming will be approved or continued that will call into serious question the public respect of the College.

4.26.4  When a building or significant area has been named, the College will continue to use the name so long as the building or area remains in use and serves its original function.  When the use has changed such as it must be demolished, substantially renovated, or rebuilt, the College may discontinue use of the name.  Facilities or areas named as a part of a fund-raising campaign will continue to use the name for the timeframe approved by the Board of Trustees.