4.21 Selection of Architectural/Engineering and/or Land Surveying Services

(Adopted 8-25-2008; Revised 12-5-2022)

The Board of Trustees may select qualified firm(s) and authorizes the College President or designee to negotiate contract(s) for architectural, engineering, and land surveying services for the various building projects undertaken by the College.


4.21.1  In selecting such firm(s), the following criteria will be considered:

  1. Training, specialized experience, and technical competence, including that of partners and associates, demonstrated either with the College or elsewhere with respect to the type of services desired.
  2. Planning ability, efficiency, and promptness of the firm(s), including the capacity and capability of the firm(s) to perform the tasks requested, as well as any specialized services, within the time limitations established for the completion of the project.
  3. Proposed price for the services requested (i.e., a fee schedule).
  4. Past record of performance of the firm(s) with respect to control of costs, quality of work, design, appearance, utility, and the ability to meet time schedules.
  5. Proximity to and familiarity with the geographical area in which the project shall be located.

When considering the need for architectural, engineering, and/or land surveying services, the Board or designee shall prepare a written description of the services desired by the College. Interested firms may be requested to submit information in accordance with the above criteria.

College officials shall review the materials submitted and shall attempt to negotiate acceptable terms with any or all of the firms that are submitting materials after the Board has selected the firm(s) considered best qualified for the project(s).