4.38 Solicitation and Fundraising

(Adopted 12-3-1968; Revised 1-2005; Revised 5-9-2016)    

Fundraising for external causes is prohibited on the campus unless specifically authorized by the College President or Board of Trustees. The sale on campus of any articles or services not otherwise sanctioned by the College is prohibited. 

Procedures (Revised 8-25-2008, 5-9-2016)

4.38.1  The College will allow and promote fundraising for the ECC Foundation and the United Way.

4.38.2  Unsolicited and/or unscheduled commercial solicitation on College owned or leased property is not permitted.  However, representatives of companies selling products or services that are or may be used by the College may visit appropriate offices or departments as invited or scheduled with College personnel.

 4.38.3  Employees who wish to solicit co-workers for personal causes may do so during breaks and lunch periods.  However, employees are not permitted to use the College listserv system or other resources for fundraising for personal causes.

 4.38.4  All activities involving the solicitation of external gifts or donations for student clubs or organizations, athletic teams, or employee groups or associations must have prior approval by the Foundation Director.

4.38.5  Fundraising by student or employee organizations to benefit, or otherwise on behalf of, external organizations must have prior approval by the College President.