4.15 Surplus Property

(Adopted 5-1-1990; Reaffirmed 12-2-1991, 8-28-2003)

The President of the College or designee is authorized to act on behalf of the College in the acquisition or disposal of surplus property.


4.15.1  Surplus Property Acquisition (Revised 12-5-2022) 

The College or its agents as designated by the President may acquire federal surplus property through the Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property under authority of the Federal Property and Administration Services Act of 1949.  College employees desiring to purchase federal surplus property for College use must follow the College’s purchasing guidelines.

4.15.2  Surplus Property Disposal (Revised 12-5-2022) 

Property may be identified as surplus by a unit supervisor, dean, or faculty of the department housing such property.  The Director of Facilities and Grounds or designee will then be responsible for formally deeming property surplus and for the appropriate disposal of the property. 

  1. Accounting for Disposals:The person requesting disposal of surplus property must complete an equipment disposal form for each item and secure appropriate approvals.

    Disposals shall be made in accordance with state, federal, and local laws and regulations.  In addition, items purchased using external funding sources will be disposed of following the guidelines set forth by the funding entity.

  2. Methods of Disposal:
    1. Direct Transfer – The department or unit housing such property may make a direct transfer to another department within the College having a need for such equipment or property, with notice to the Director of Facilities and Grounds or designee.
    2. Sale – Items with resale value, as determined by the Director of Facilities and Grounds or designee, shall be sold by public auction (online or in person) or, if applicable, as otherwise required by state law. Such sales shall be made as required by state law, or if no state law applies, shall be made to the highest responsible bidder and shall be in conformance with all College purchasing policies and procedures.
      1. Terms of sale – Property shall be sold “as is and where is” and without any warranty whatsoever.
      2. Costs – All costs, including transportation and fees, in connection with the act of the sale and all other related costs and fees shall be borne exclusively by the purchaser.
    3. Local Disposal – Surplus or obsolete items determined by the Director of Facilities and Grounds or designee to have little or no transfer or sale value may be disposed of locally. Items requiring special handling shall be disposed of in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
    4. Trade In – The Director of Facilities and Grounds or designee may take advantage of opportunities to trade in surplus property on the purchase of like items if it is monetarily advantageous to the College.
    5. Donation – The Director of Facilities and Grounds or designee is authorized to distribute surplus property to other in-district public educational institutions as provided by state statute and regulation.