2.14 Academic Committees

(Adopted 6-14-2021)

The Chief Academic Officer shall be authorized to create appropriate academic committees, both standing and ad hoc, and to appoint representative employees to each committee.

The Chief Academic Officer will annually recommend to the President the appointments of advisory committee members to assure the academic currency and economic development potential of each program.

Procedures (Revised 6-14-2021)

2.14.1     The President of the College authorizes the Chief Academic Officer to create appropriate committees, both standing and ad hoc, necessary to support the mission and effectiveness of the Academic Affairs Division.

2.14.2     Career and Technical Advisory Committees (Adopted 10-1-1990; Revised 4-7-2003, 6-14-2021)

  1. Membership – The program committees should have a minimum of 12 members to ensure reasonable meeting attendance with representation from business, industry, and labor. In addition, members should be selected to represent diverse geographic, gender, and ethnic viewpoints.  Program graduates and personal friends of the instructor(s) involved should be only minimally represented.
  2. Membership TermMembers will be appointed to three (3)-year terms.
  3. Meetings – Two (2) advisory committee meetings will be scheduled each academic year (one in the fall term and one in the spring term). Advisory committee meetings are intended to serve as opportunities to receive advice and counsel on current workforce needs, the relevance of programs to meet these needs, the development of plans to support the programs, faculty qualifications, curricular content, equipment facilities and placement of graduates.  Each meeting date will have an agenda published and distributed two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.  Minutes will be recorded for each meeting and distributed electronically to members.  Minutes will be stored in SharePoint.