2.6 Course Credit Options

(Adopted 4-7- 2003; Revised 5-12-2008, 8-31-2009, 6-14-2021)

East Central College provides students various options regarding college credit. Students may receive credit in any of the following ways:

  • Satisfactory Course Completion
  • Transfer Credit
  • Dual Credit
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Credit by Articulation
  • Military Credit
  • Credit by Exam:
    • CLEP
    • DANTES
    • Advanced Placement
    • Departmental Examination

Other sources, including non-regionally accredited institutions, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Guidelines, limitations, and exclusions for each are stated below.


2.6.1  Credit Earned at Other Institutions (Revised 6-14-2021)

Students must request that official transcripts be sent to East Central College from all previously attended post-secondary institutions. Transcripts will be reviewed by the Registrar’s office, and credit accepted if the course(s) correspond to East Central College coursework and are consistent with the transfer policy outlined in Board Policy 2.7.

2.6.2  Dual Credit (Revised 6-14-2021)

Dual Credit is defined as credit that can be earned by a student at both their home high school and the college as determined by the respective institution.  Dual credit courses are taught by East Central College certified high school faculty in the high school. Students attending participating taxing district and service area high schools may elect to take part in the East Central College dual credit program.  College-level courses will be offered to high school students in adherence to all college standards of quality and academic rigor.  The college shall follow the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE) Policy Guidelines for Dual Credit Delivery.  CBHE policy reflects quality standards set forth by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Participating school districts must satisfy the criteria for faculty qualifications and development, required minutes of instruction, assessment and outcome measures, and any other contractual requirements as stipulated by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development. Students meeting the eligibility criteria are admitted to the College and can elect enrollment in available coursework.  Students participating in the program will pay one-half of East Central College’s in-district tuition rate, do not pay general fees, and are entitled to all of the privileges and services of on-campus students but are not eligible for financial aid.

2.6.3  Dual Enrollment (Adopted 6-14-2021)

Students enrolled in high school or homeschool are eligible to take college credit courses on campus or online.  They must meet all course prerequisites to enroll, according to the course description and current placement guidelines.  Students participating in the program will pay one-half of East Central College’s in-district tuition rate, along with all general fees, and are entitled to all of the privileges and services of on-campus students but are not eligible for financial aid.

2.6.4  Credit by Articulation

Under arrangements with agencies providing post-secondary programming, East Central College grants credit by articulation agreement.  Through signed and authorized articulation agreements entered into with regional career centers, union education and training programs, and state agency education and training programs, students may receive credit.   Credit may be awarded on a course-by-course basis, associated with coursework offered at East Central College or credit may be awarded in “block” form upon completion of a post-secondary program of study for which students will be required to produce completion documents.  Credit by articulation may also be awarded in partnership with post-secondary institutions providing the program content delivery.  Guidelines, restrictions, procedures, and any costs associated with the articulation process are available through the school district, East Central College, or other participating educational entity.

2.6.5  Military Credit (Revised 6-14-2021)

Students with coursework and course credits acquired during military service must provide an official transcript for review.  Credit transcription will occur upon receipt of all official documentation. 

2.6.6  Credit by Exam

A. Credit by Nationally Recognized Examination (Revised 6-14-2021)

Students may complete nationally recognized achievement performance tests (CLEP, DANTES, Advanced Placement) and have official results sent to the Registrar for processing.  Credit transcription will occur upon receipt of official results that reflect achievement of a minimum score as determined by the College.

B. Credit by Departmental Examination/Review

Students who demonstrate a high level of proficiency within a subject area may petition the academic discipline or program faculty for credit by examination or review. If this petition is approved, discipline or program faculty would prepare an appropriate measure (test or other instrument) of proficiency and establish with the student guidelines for passing. The decision of the faculty is final. A fee per course will be assessed.