2.12 Curriculum Development and Review

(Adopted 5-12-2008; Revised 6-14-2021)

The faculty and instructional administrators will be responsible for proposing, regularly evaluating, and revising the College’s educational programs and courses. For career programs, advisory committees made up of knowledgeable professionals will advise the faculty on developments in the field and possible changes in the educational program. A College-wide curriculum committee will review and approve changes in courses and recommend changes to existing programs and the addition of new programs. As appropriate, transfer institutions will be contacted to determine the transferability of courses and programs.

All courses and programs will be periodically reviewed and evaluated by faculty and administrators to ensure that the College’s educational offerings remain current, cost-effective, and relevant to the needs of students and the community. All changes, additions, and deletions to transfer and career programs will be reviewed by the President and submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.