2.5 Definition of Credit Hour

(Adopted 7-12-2010)

East Central College measures units of coursework by the semester credit hour. The semester credit hour is a recognized unit for college credit coursework and is used to determine degree requirements and course equivalency in transfer.

Procedures (Revised 6-14-2021)

2.5.1  Traditional Coursework

For a traditional face-to-face lecture course, the Carnegie unit and state regulation have been used to determine a semester credit hour value (i.e. a minimum of 750 minutes of instruction or “seat time” per credit hour per semester period).  For non-lecture courses (i.e., science laboratories, studio coursework, career technical courses, music activities) additional instructional time per credit hour is necessary to achieve the learning outcomes determined for the course.

2.5.2  Distance/Web-Based/Hybrid Learning

For the College’s distance learning courses (i.e., online and hybrid), the credit hour value is based on the learning outcomes determined in the traditional model of the coursework.  Students will be required to spend an amount of time comparable to that in a traditional course to achieve the desired learning outcomes.  To earn the credit hour value assigned to the course, students must demonstrate achievement of the course-based learning outcomes at a satisfactory level.