2.15 Library Materials

(Adopted 6-1-1987; Revised 8-28-2003)

Library materials are intended to support the mission of the College and to provide information and enlightenment to the community and its citizens. Thus, the library should provide the fullest practicable access to materials presenting all points of view concerning the problems and issues of our time. The principles of academic freedom and the freedom to read will be defended.

Procedures:   (Revised 6-14-2021)

2.15.1  Selection of Materials

  1. Library materials will be selected by the Director, Library Services with assistance from faculty and qualified members of the library staff.
  2. The materials selection process will operate within the policies of the Board of Trustees.
  3. Materials will not be excluded because of the race, sex, gender, nationality or the political, ethical, or religious views of the writer or artist.
  4. No item shall be removed from the library in response to a Request for Reconsideration except by order of the Board of Trustees or a court having jurisdiction over such a decision.

2.15.2  Accepting Gifts  

Specific procedures for accepting donation of materials, including criteria for such acceptance, may be found in the ECC Library Policies and Procedures.  Any potential donor should contact the Executive Director of the Foundation or the Director, Library Services about donations.

2.15.3  Complaints

The procedures for lodging and receiving complaints as contained in the Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read Statement, and Code of Ethics adopted by the American Library Association will be followed.  Request for Reconsideration forms are available upon request from the Director, Library Services.