1.28 Release of Information to the Public

(Adopted 11-12-2007)

Records of the College are open to the public unless closed in accordance with the action of the Board of Trustees in adopting this policy, state, or federal law. All records of East Central College subject to closure pursuant to Missouri’s Sunshine Law (Chapter 610, Section 610.021 RSMO, as amended) are hereby closed.

For purposes of release of records not closed pursuant to this policy, the Recording Secretary of the Board serves as the College’s custodian of records. Members of the public may request the custodian of records to provide access to public records. After receipt of the request, the custodian will provide access within three (3) business days or sooner if possible or explain in writing the reason for denial of access or for delay.

Members of the public may request copies of public records. A charge of up to ten (10) cents per page may be made for copies no larger than 9 x 14 inches. The College may also charge a fee for search, research, and duplication time in responding to requests for copies of public records. Such charges shall be in accord with Missouri’s Sunshine Law (Section 610.026 RSMO). Prior to producing copies of requested records, the person requesting the records may, upon request, obtain an estimate of the cost. The College may require the payment of such fees prior to the making of copies.