1.22 Voting Procedures

(Adopted 12-3-1968; Revised 11-12- 2007, 3-8-2021)

Voting at meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions set out below:

  1. In General – All motions will be recorded in the minutes, including the name of the person seconding any motion and the record of the vote. Minimally, the number of “yes” and “no” votes on any question shall be recorded in the minutes unless a roll call vote is required by law. When a member abstains from voting, such abstention shall not be counted as a vote either for or against the proposal, but shall be entered in the minutes as an abstention. The President of the Board shall have a vote on all questions.

    Upon request, any member may have a brief explanation of their vote recorded on any question. Any member may also change his or her vote if such request is made prior to consideration of the next order of business.
    Motions pass with an affirmative vote from the majority of the quorum present at the meeting, unless otherwise limited by Policy 1.17.

  2. Voting in Open Session – Voting in open session must be conducted in a manner that allows the Recording Secretary to accurately discern and record the number of persons voting for or against the motion as well as the persons abstaining from the motion.

    The Board may decide to vote by roll call in open session. Any member desiring a roll call vote shall so request it of the President and upon being recognized shall proceed to cast his or her vote first, the vote then proceeding in a clockwise manner until all have voted, and the vote shall be so recorded. When voting to adjourn to closed session, the specific reason for closing the meeting must be announced publicly by reference to a specific section of the law and the vote must be taken by roll call.

  3. Voting in Closed Session – All votes taken in closed session shall be taken by roll call, including the vote to adjourn.
  4. Additional Provisions
    1. No member of the Board may vote by proxy.
    2. Every member present shall vote in accordance with Missouri law.
    3. The reconsideration of a vote may be moved only by a member who voted with the majority and only at the same meeting at which the vote was taken.
    4. If the motion to reconsider prevails, the matter under consideration shall be decided at that or the next regular session, and the matter as thus finally decided shall not be revived within a period of three (3) months unless by consent of a majority of the entire Board.