3.28 General Student Complaints

(Adopted 7-20-2017)

East Central College encourages students to report concerns and complaints so that the College may review, respond to, and resolve these issues in an open and professional manner. Any student may initiate a complaint alleging a violation of ECC administrative or academic policies, or other established practices related to action or inaction by the College. ECC encourages informal resolution of these concerns and complaints through direct communication with the individuals involved. Formal complaints will be reviewed once the student has properly exhausted the informal processes.

In accordance with federal regulations, ECC accepts and maintains records of formal written complaints.

Procedures (Adopted 7-20-2017; Revised 12-6-2021)

3.28.1 East Central College is committed to providing an environment where the rights of all individuals are protected and where concerns regarding those rights are reviewed and resolved in an appropriate and professional manner.

The ECC Student Complaint Policy is available to students who have a concern or complaint about an alleged violation of ECC administrative or academic policies, or other established practices, and where there is no other existing college process through which the student may resolve the concern or complaint. Complaints related to student conduct, requests for accommodations, sexual harassment, sexual violence, discrimination, financial aid determinations, or grading concerns are addressed under separate policies, and therefore, are not covered by the General Student Complaint Policy.

Complaints submitted pursuant to this Policy that are covered by more specific college policies will be forwarded to the appropriate college personnel and addressed pursuant to the applicable Policy.

The objective of the ECC General Student Complaint Policy is to resolve concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible, at the level closest to the student. Every effort will be made to resolve complaints informally and within 90 working days of notice of the complaint. Before filing a formal complaint, students should attempt to resolve their complaint with the other involved party or parties through consultation and discussion.

3.28.2 Informal Complaint Process

For complaints that are not academic or instructional in nature, students should attempt to resolve the concern at the source of the complaint. If the matter remains unresolved, the student should contact the immediate supervisor.

For complaints covered by this Policy that are academic or instructional in nature, including complaints about classroom or laboratory activities, students should attempt to resolve the concern through a discussion with the instructor. This General Student Complaint Policy does not cover complaints or concerns about grading, as those complaints are subject to a specific College Policy. If the matter remains unresolved after speaking with the instructor, the student should contact the appropriate division chair.

3.28.3 Formal Complaint Process (Revised 12-6-2021)

If attempts at informal resolution are not successful and the student elects to use the formal complaint process, the complaint should be filed during the semester of occurrence, but no later than 60 calendar days from the first day of the following academic semester.

Formal complaints should be submitted to the College using the form located at www.eastcentral.edu/studentconcern.

The College will provide a response to the complainant within ten (10) working days of receipt of the complaint. If a longer time is needed to investigate and make a decision, the appropriate administrator will make a reasonable extension of the deadline and contact the complainant to notify them of the new deadline, which will be no more than 90 working days from notice of the complaint.

Formal complaints that are academic or instructional in nature will be reviewed by the Chief Academic Officer (CAO). All other formal complaints will be reviewed by the Chief Student Affairs Officer (CSAO).

If the student is not in agreement with the determination, the student may seek review by the College President by written request within ten (10) working days of the CAO’s/CSAO’s notice of determination. The written request must explain the reason that the CAO’s/CSAO’s determination has been deemed unacceptable by the student.

The College President is the final level of appeal.

The College will attempt to resolve all complaints within 90 working days of receipt.