3.11 Grade Appeals

(Adopted 8-28-2003; Revised 8-27-2007)

Students at East Central College have the right to appeal a final course grade. The right to appeal is limited to grades given for the semester most recently completed.

Procedures: (Revised 12-6-2021)

3.11.1 Students must make an appeal within eight (8) calendar weeks of the official end date of the semester for which the grade is reported. Students must submit in writing to the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) a statement detailing the course, the faculty member, the grade received, and the reason the appeal is sought.

3.11.2 The CAO will review the appeal and seek a resolution. Should no resolution be reached, the student will be notified, and a formal hearing conducted.

3.11.3 A hearing committee will be appointed by the Chief Academic Officer, and a hearing will be conducted for the purpose of allowing all parties to state their positions. The committee will render a decision in writing to the student and faculty member within five (5) working days.

3.11.4 The student may appeal the decision of the committee to the President in writing within ten (10) working days of the committee’s decision. The President will conduct a review and render a decision within thirty (30) working days. The decision of the President is final.