3.32 Preferred/Chosen Name

(Adopted 6-13-2022)

All students at East Central College have the right to be referred to by their preferred/chosen first name in classrooms, by peers and/or faculty, and in most College information systems that are within the College’s realm of alteration without pursuing a legal name change. Reasons for a name change request may include but are not limited to: affirmation of transgender or gender nonconforming identities, change of names following marriage or separation, change of names for those known by a name differing from their legal name, and as protection for victims of stalking, domestic assault, and/or sexual assault.

Procedures (Adopted 6-13-2022)

3.32.1 Process for Requesting a Name Change

An individual seeking a name change will complete the Student Information Form, available in the Student Services Center and on the College’s website. Name changes will be permitted in the following capacities, and other areas as deemed appropriate and feasible:

  • Advising Records (Note: Chosen name will be placed alongside legal name)
  • Aviso System
  • Canvas Online Learning System
  • Classroom and Meeting Settings
  • Colleague System
  • College Publications
  • Course Rosters
  • Diplomas and Certificates (Can be updated at time of application for graduation)
  • eCentral System
  • Email Addresses and Email Display Names
  • Marketing Materials
  • Student Identification Cards
  • CloudTrac Tutoring and Scheduling System

Once documentation is submitted, the preferred/chosen name will be displayed in the areas listed above. Current processes do not allow for partial applications of the preferred/chosen name.

In addition to submitting the Student Information Form, students will need to:

  1. Visit the Student Services Center to request a new student ID card
  2. Enter the preferred/chosen name on the graduation application form to have it printed on a diploma or certificate. Transcripts will display the legal name.

Once students have submitted the Student Information Form, Student Services staff will submit a work ticket via the College WebHelp Desk System that requests a new email for the student. Staff will notify students that they will need to transfer their files to an external email. The IT department will communicate with the student during the email transition process.

3.32.2 Disclaimer Pertaining to Use of Legal Name

The legal name must appear on official transcripts, any check disbursed by the College, payroll records, financial aid documents, and official health records. The College is not able to display the chosen/preferred name on these records without legal documentation.

The process for changing the legal name varies by state and country of residence, as well as reason for the change. The College is not authorized to change an individual’s legal name. The interested individual must pursue a legal name change with their state of residence and/or federal authorities, and then submit a legal name change document (e.g., a court order) to the College registrar. A student worker must also submit an updated I-9 form to Human Resources reflecting a legal change of name. U.S. residents must also change their legal name with the Social Security Administration.

3.32.3. Disclaimer Pertaining to Chosen/Preferred Names

East Central College will display preferred/chosen first names to the College and its community where feasible and will make a consistent, determined effort to thoroughly update the documents, reports, and systems designated to use chosen names. Inappropriate use of this Policy (such as avoidance of legal obligation, misrepresentation, etc.) may be cause for denying use of the chosen name. The College reserves the right to remove any chosen name that is deemed inappropriate and/or harmful to any one person or group.

3.32.4 Directory Information

Under the Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a student’s name, including preferred name, may be disclosed to the public as “directory information” unless the student opts not to permit such disclosure. To revoke the disclosure of directory information, a student has the option to request privacy through Student Services.