3.4 Program Admission

(Adopted 5-9-2005; Revised 12-6-2021)

The faculty, staff, and Chief Academic Officer will devise, implement, and monitor an objective, timely and nondiscriminatory method for selecting applicants for admission to specific College programs with admissions criteria. These programs are identified annually in the course catalog. The selection process and criteria will be made available to interested parties in the departmental offices or academic advisement.

Procedures: (Adopted 5-31-2007)

3.4.1 Criminal Background Check/Drug Screening

In response to external agency requirements and as a condition of required participation in activities at these agencies, students in designated programs must consent to a criminal background check and/or drug screening and must be responsible for all costs involved.

Students who do not consent to or do not pass the drug screening cannot remain a student in the designated program. Any information derived from the criminal background check and/or drug screening will not result in disciplinary action by the College, nor will it be made part of the student’s College record. The student may remain enrolled at the College and continue in another program that does not have a criminal background and/or drug screening examination requirement.