3.9 Student Attendance

(Adopted 5-9-2005; Revised 8-25-2014)

Student attendance in class, regardless of the delivery modality, is important for student success. East Central College is an attendance-taking institution. As such, faculty members are required to submit daily attendance records to the Registrar on a timely basis. Specific attendance guidelines and consequences are provided in each course syllabus and are enforceable as written unless otherwise specified.

Procedures (Adopted 8-25-2014; Revised 2-27-2017):

3.9.1 All faculty will distribute to students a current course syllabus that includes a statement detailing the specific course attendance policy, guidelines, and actions. Such course attendance policy will be congruent with the institutional attendance guidelines, as stated here.

3.9.2 Faculty will take attendance at each class meeting and record attendance in a class record. For a student to be considered attending the following conditions must be met:

  • A student cannot be absent for all the class meetings held within 14 consecutive calendar days (or a prorated amount based on a reduced class meeting calendar) without having made regular and frequent contact with the instructor regarding class progress.
  • A student who fails to meet the attendance policy will be recommended for administrative withdrawal to the registrar’s office by reporting a WX on grade reports.
  • At the faculty member’s discretion, the student may be allowed to re-enter or be reinstated to the course.