Leadership Council Convenes

Leadership Council Convenes

September 22, 2017 |

The new Leadership Council recently met for the first time, the beginning of a group that I anticipate will prove tremendously beneficial for East Central College.

Comprising the leaders of the college’s employee groups, members of the administrative team, and me, the Council will have the responsibility for identifying important strategic issues and developing plans for addressing them.

One specific function will be to aid in the development and changes to college policies and procedures. Another will be to bring to the table issues or concerns that affect the institution. And a third role will be one of communication. This is a two-way process, both bringing information forward from across the campus, and communicating to employees the work of the Leadership Council.

By having this broad spectrum of campus leaders at the table, we will have the synergy and collaboration necessary for good planning, shared governance, and quality improvement.

Our faculty and staff are our biggest assets. The commitment and expertise of our colleagues form the foundation for the work that goes on at East Central. The purpose and structure of the Leadership Council is to marshal that commitment and expertise in a way that enables these leaders to move the institution forward.

The Leadership Council is not a replacement or duplication of existing committees. Nor is it intended to replicate the work of the Strategic Planning Committee that will soon convene.

Instead, the Council will serve a unique role as a working group addressing the important, overarching issues and decisions that are critical to our success. At any one point in time, the Council will likely be focused on a small number of important issues. Each will take time, energy, creativity, and thoughtfulness.

The Council will certainly serve as a sounding board and provide advice. But even more meaningful will be its ability to identify both issues and solutions.

I look forward to working with this group and appreciate the energy and dedication that each member is bringing to the Council.

Members include: Kim Aguilar, Shelli Allen, Joel Doepker, Tom Fitts, Linda Follis, Wendy Hartmann, Sarah Havens, Sue Henderson, Karen Klos, Stacy Langan, Tia Robinson, Phil Pena, and Tracie Welsh.