Geology Courses

GEO 101 Intro Phys Geo Lec

An introductory course in physical geology that covers the historical aspects of the geological sciences, plate tectonics as a unifying theory of geology, igneous and metamorphic processes, structural geology and geomorphology; weathering and sedimentary processes. Field trip required.

GEO 102 Intro Phys Geo Lab

A hands-on introductory course in physical geology with laboratory exercises and problem sets which includes: rock and mineral identification, topographic map analysis, structural geology analysis and interpretation, geologic map, and cross-section interpretation, and geologic dating techniques. Field trip required.

GEO 270 I.S.-Geology
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

A specialized program of study directly related to the department's area of expertise. The course is arranged between a faculty member and student and takes into consideration the needs, interests and background of the student.

GEO 280 Special Topics-Geology
Prerequisite: None

Courses are offered to accommodate special interests of students and/or faculty. Typically, the course will cover new material not currently contained in the curriculum at ECC.