East Central College offers a program of study leading to an Associate of Arts degree in Biology. Students complete a variety of transferable courses to prepare them for higher-level study in the biological sciences arena.

Assuming appropriate placement scores, Biology is a two-year degree, with flexibility to customize the program of study towards the student’s chosen career.

A graduate with a Biology degree is prepared to enter an undergraduate major leading to further training in several fields, including graduate and professional schools in biology and careers in biomedical research, private industry, and education.

If students are pursuing the biology degree we recommend they contact their selected transfer institution in planning their program of study. They may wish to choose electives based on the requirements of that institution and discuss the transferability of the credits offered through East Central College.


Additional Information:

Department Chair

Dr. Parvadha Govindaswamy
636-584-6627   Off: HS206

Union Faculty

Dr. Parvadha Govindaswamy,  Biology
636-584-6627   Off: HS206

Elizabeth Cantrell, Biology
636-584-6629  Off: HS208

Kevin Dixon, Biology
636-584-6631   Off: HS211

Dr. Isaiah Kellogg, Math,Science & Engineering
636-584-6685   Off: HS210

Union/Rolla Faculty

Mary Bonine, Biology/Health Science
636-584-6630   Off: HS209

Keith Pulles, Biology
636-584-6628   Off: HS207

Rolla Faculty

Tracy Mowery, Biology
573-466-4085   Off: RTC143

Dr. Elizabeth Rozema-Winters, Biology
573-458-0101   Off: RTC143