STEM Pathway

The Associate of Arts STEM pathway (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) serves broad student interest in the hard sciences, with focused programs in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physical science, and engineering technology. A variety of four-year and advanced degree options within the STEM field is available, and these may lead to a wide array of potential careers.

ECC also offers an Associate of Science in Engineering, which serves students interested in a wide variety of fields within the engineering discipline. Engineers are responsible for applying mathematical and scientific principles to solving problems and designing and monitoring infrastructure that influences many aspects of our daily life. Fields within engineering include, but are not limited to, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering and chemical engineering.

Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular Opportunities at ECC

The Engineering Club at East Central College serves to provide an environment for students to explore science and engineering while serving ECC and the engineering program.

More information about General Education and Program Learning Outcomes for Associate of Arts degrees is listed at the Liberal Studies page.

Each Academic Pathway requires Falcon Seminar. Information about Falcon Seminar is listed at the Liberal Studies page.