Blend of In-Person, Online Courses in Fall Semester

Blend of In-Person, Online Courses in Fall Semester

July 9, 2020 |

East Central College is offering a blend of in-person, hybrid and online courses this fall to meet educational needs of all students.

An Instructional Task Force comprised of faculty and staff developed plans that include smaller class sizes, livestreaming options and an increased offering of fully online classes.

According to Vice President of Academic Affairs Robyn Walter, the task force began meeting in May to seek input from all deans, department heads and faculty.

“We plan to welcome students back to our main campus in Union, and our sites in Washington and Rolla, where instruction will be a blend of in-person and online courses,” she said. “We will make extensive use of technology while preserving, as much as possible, the most important elements of the in-person experience.”

Walter noted that there will be smaller class sizes for in-person courses to promote social distancing, and some classes will not be in their usual building due to the class size restriction.

In other courses, there will be a reduced number of students in the classroom, but the class will be live-streamed through Zoom for a remote option.

In addition, there will be hybrid, or blended, courses for a balance of online and in-person experiences.

ECC is offering a fully online liberal studies transfer degree, and fully online Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Health Information Management (HIM) degrees and certificates for students who prefer a remote educational experience.

The College also will offer 14-week courses beginning in mid-September for students who still are unsure of what path to take for the Fall semester.

Faculty Planning

Walter explained that faculty members will have plans in place if there is a need to move to entirely online and remote classes.

ECC will be utilizing Canvas, an online learning platform, for remote and online classes. Each course syllabi will have information regarding how that course will be held if there is a move to remote instruction.

Walter added that faculty also is developing plans if individual students must work remotely if they are quarantined or need to self-isolate.

“It is important to support students during quarantine or self-isolation, so they do not feel compelled to come to campus while they are ill or not completely cleared,” she said.

College deans and faculty members are developing plans if an instructor becomes ill and must teach remotely.

ECC’s winter session will be delivered entirely online. It begins Dec. 16 and ends Jan. 11, 2021

Prevention, Health and Safety

Disposable masks and hand sanitizer will be available to students, visitors, faculty, and staff. Students and others are encouraged to use reusable and washable face coverings. While on campus, students and employees are expected to social distance at least by 6 feet.

There will be additional designated study areas available for students who need internet and/or computer access to complete coursework while still practicing social distancing.

The college facilities crew will increase access to hand sanitizer on campus and will continue to diligently clean surfaces. Employees are asked to maintain clean working spaces to help with this effort.